Do I need to create an account and how do I create one ?

Yes and No.

Yes if you would like to have access to our digital subscription, currently we have not launched our subscription service yet but we when it goes live you will need an account.

No. You do not need to create an account with Rasta Comics to purchase any physical products,  however, you will be missing out on great advantages and benefits by signing up.

To create an account.

Simple just visit here.

How do I file a claim for damaged products ?

First, please contact us at info@rastacomics.com or use our contact form to let us know of the damaged goods.

Second, please provide a photo of your goods that have been damaged so we can assess the validity of your claim.

**Note** We take photos of any high valued collectibles or comics before we send them to insure the validity of your claim and to help us with getting your insurance approved.

Third, please be patient, the next step for us is to work with you and the shipping company to resolve the claim.

What happens if the toys or comics are damaged when I get them ?

First off we apologize, but with any type of purchase online it does run the risk of damage during transport. We understand that some of the collectibles you buy are expensive, so we give you the option to buy extended insurance beyond the $100 that is already included on all orders,  we strongly recommend that you do purchase extended insurance if you feel your purchase is valuable enough.

-In the case that your goods are damaged and you have insurance we will work with you to file the claim with Canada Post or Purolator. Along with your claim you will keep the damaged product. If Canada Post or Purolator does not recognize your claim we will refund up to 50% of the total paid for the damaged order and after all measures have been exhausted with the shipping company.

-If you opted to not purchase extended insurance we will help you file a claim for the $100 that is included with all orders. If you have ordered a limited edition product, or limited quantity product we will not replace your product/s or refund any amount paid for your order. We strongly recommend purchasing extended insurance with what you think your order is worth, if your order includes valuable items. We cannot guarantee your claim will be recognized and issued from the shipping company.

-Any comics that are damaged under the Rasta Comics collection will be replaced at no extra cost to you if supplies permit. We will not replace any 3rd party comics and you must file a claim with Rasta Comics and the shipping company in order to receive any money back from insurance coverage.

How much is shipping and what companies do you use ?

We offer Purolator and Canada Post Xpress Post for options for delivery.

You are able to choose one of our flat rates Canada Wide. International shipping is calculated after you have submitted your order. Currently we do not have live rates on our site, but will be working on getting it soon.

CANADA WIDE (Signature Required on all options)

  1. Xpress Post $19
  2. Purolator overnight up to 2 business days Express Envelopes $30
  3. Xpress Post Extended Coverage $35 (up to $500)
  4. Purolator overnight up to 2 business days Express Envelopes Extended coverage $45 (up to $500)

Please note that we require signatures on all orders. Purolator does not ship to PO boxes or Lock boxes, or Flex Boxes.


  1. Unfortunately we will have to send you shipping costs after you have made your purchase. We will email you within 24 hours on your shipping estimate.
  2. Select the International shipping option.

How do I send Interac E-Transfer ?

Please follow these instructions, they will also appear on the Thank You page after you place an order and in your Order Received email.

  1. Go to your online banking and create a new recipient: Rasta Comics
  2. Send your e-transfer to this email: info@rastacomics.com
  3. Set your Question to your current order number (found in your Order Received email): 123xxx
  4. Set your security answer to: payrastacomics

Please allow us up to 24 hours to deposit your e-transfer, in most cases it will be within a few hours or less.

What payment methods do you accept ?

Currently we only offer two offline methods. We started out with a limited budget to start our site so we used offline methods as it was the easiest. Now that our orders have picked up we will be looking into other options like PayPal, Stripe, Visa and Mastercard, and Interac Online.

Canadian Destinations: Interac E-transfer

International US: BAC Transfer

How fast do you ship ?

We ship all orders out the same day if your payment is received by 1:00pm (PST), if not your order will go the following business day. We do not ship on Weekends and holidays.

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